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How would your life change, if you decided to change your mindset and think beyond your circumstances? God has a plan for you, and it is not intended for you to only exist. We all want that feeling of freedom, success, and accomplishment. Yet, the question is…how? With these 7 assists (principals), Daryl L. Towe challenges you to step it up and stop settling for a life of MEDIOCRITY. He dares you to learn how to propel into your greatness. He wants you to live life on PURPOSE, with Christ guiding the way. He desires for those who have found greatness, to then go one more step and help the next person find their reason for living. We ALL have to come together for the greater good of the Kingdom of Christ. Helping ourselves and helping each other. Daryl L. Towe, is the Co-Founder of Cross-Training Athletes into Believers (CTAB), mentor, coach, inspiring speaker, and entrepreneur. This is the first of many books that he plans to author. He is a man of God with a heart for family, friends, youth, and people in general. He resides in Alexandria, Virginia, with his wife, Leia, and his son Christian.

Conquering Purpose | 7 Assist to Overcoming Average

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